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Sweet! I love how much thought went into this! I also love this game too. I used to hate it as a kid, but that's probably because I sucked at it! It's a great game with great concept and music.
I love all the details in this animation. Even though it's almost been 20 years, you could still make that sequel. ;)

"Anytime half a sack!"

Now this is a toon! Fartoon-tastic!


It's because Jimmy Fallon is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfunny! Clearly that's what it was. Yes. Of course.



I'm into it! I haven't been keeping up with any of the latest Smash Bros in a long time, but I'm still a major Castlevania Dorkenstein! Can't wait to see what them two characters are capable of doing! Nice VA too.

Stanpai responds:

Thank you! I really love that they're together now as fighters.


That was such epic shit! The two finger hole stream was my favorite! Also the assception with Gregory shitting outside of Tedor's asshole! Jammed pack with hilariousity! And shit!

My only disappointment is I just came across this today instead of earlier, and I'm so glad to see you're back to stir shit up on this place! We need you! Seriously!

Hereder responds:

Haha! Thank you soo much! im currently developing a game (solo!!!) - this game has no shit in it though... But I should defenatly leave some Theodor and Gregory easter eggs in it.
But until this game is done I have to but flash videos aside... I started working on Theodor and Greggory 3 but I dont have time at the moment to work on it... But thansk anyway!

Beautiful! I hope you continue this series! The story and transitions during the flashback were a nice touch. I think I love it almost ass munch as he loves his fucking dog! I was dying at the anal drill part!

This is the 2010's Bowl of Soup equivalent!

Good job!


This was... Beautiful!

Amazing work! All those combined graphics you used made it feel so weird which I love! The close-ups were so offensive and disturbing! Which I adore! I haven't seen legit offensive content like this in a long time on here. I'll be watching for your toons in the future definitely! Message me if you're interested in collaboration too. I've got some experience in 3D and flash so I'm sure we could make a big fetus of a toon together just great! Have a good Christmas sir!

DementedCartoons responds:

Are you working in sfm

Fat sack of shit! LOL

Good as always man. Short & simple but well animated and acted. It'd be funnier if he sounded even more girly though. :P

Keep it up.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

Thanks for the feedback my good internet friend!!


i'm not a super madness fan, but i really enjoy these when it feels dull on here.

so great job Krinkels! keep going!

Good short!

that was pretty good! but it was lagging in some parts still it was alot better then some stuff noobs submit on this site, so i gave ya a 7



Damn, I suck! But this is Droid Tron Productions! Home of low budget filth! We need me to keep that filth alive!

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